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2019 Board Members - SeedSavers-KC


Dayna McDaniel

Steve Greene

Lydia E Gibson

Sarah St Peter

Ginger Miller

Scott Johnson

Jill Pettis

Jim Hinds

Bernadette Zeller



Dayna McDaniel - 
Dayna McDaniel is a lifelong KCMO area resident. She worked at and owned a greenhouse/nursery in the 70s and 80s. Her passion for seed saving has put her in demand for many speaking engagements and class opportunities over the years, including Food Not Lawns KC (twice a year), numerous garden clubs, twice a month classes at The Anita B Gorman Discovery Center, children's classes, retirement village classes, Master Gardener gatherings, Leavenworth Penitentiary Trustees class, along with other civic groups. She co-founded the Facebook group, Seed-Savers-KC, which has hosted plant, bulb and seed exchanges for many years and winter seed exchanges for several years. Under her guidance, Seed Savers KC has also grew a food pantry garden (The Love Garden, near Elliot Place) for 5 yrs in Raytown, MO. She started the first Seed Library in KC at the Discovery Center and she has advised the startup on 3 other seed libraries in our area. Seed Savers KC can also assist in start up and land acquisition for community garden plots. Partnering with MO Dept. of Conservation, KC Food Circle, Cultivate KC, Gardeners Connect, Greenability Magazine, and many other Sustainable Farming groups in Greater KCMO, Dayna works to help teach organic gardening to many more interested growers. Dayna makes a yearly trip to the Annual Seed Savers Exchange Festival and Camp Out to renew old friendships and make new contacts, while attending fabulous classes and hearing amazing speakers - it is a full weekend with 300-500 avid seed savers on a pristine organic farm in a beautiful small Iowa town called Decorah - phenomenal to say the least!


Steve Greene -


Steve Greene is a native Kansas Citian, and grew up in the Shawnee Mission area. A 1988 graduate of S.M. North, Steve attended Johnson County Community College and later K-State University finishing with a B.S. Business in 1992.


Sarah St. Peter - Webmaster


Sarah St. Peter has a bachelor's of science degree from Emporia State University and a Master's of Business Administration from Friend's University. She lives on 15 acres just North of Lawrence where she is an avid fruit and vegetable gardener. She loves experimenting with new seed varieties each year. She primarily uses raised beds for her annual gardening. She grows many varieties of berries and has just started her own orchard. Each year her goal is to increase the amount of food that she eats each year that is grown on her own property.

Ginger Miller 
Ginger Miller is absolutely wild about gardening & fermenting. She grew up in the country farming & gardening. Some of her fondest childhood memories are of gardening with her father & making homemade yeast breads and with her grandmother making donuts. Homesteading skills are a part of Ginger's regular routine. She embraces traditional skills & frugal living by making vinegar from fruit scraps, canning, and fermenting garden produce. To this day, Ginger keeps numerous sourdough starters on hand for every occasion and enjoys sourdough breads with homeade yogurts & cheese. Fermented foods are a part of her daily life!

Scott Johnson


Scott Johnson is an Environmental Studies major who fell from grace and became an attorney. Seed Savers KC is a way for him to reconnect with his idealist past. His garden, always on the mediocre side, improves each year he is involved in Seed Savers KC. He recently left the legal profession and became a software developer, and he is very interested in using technology to improve gardening through free exchange of information and software automation.

Jill Pettis


Jill Pettis has lived in or around the Kansas City area for most of her life.  She grew up in the country on a small hobby farm and now applies the skills she learned from her parents on a tiny little suburban plot through edible landscaping and raised beds,and hopes to pass that love on to her two children.  Gardening and cooking are two of her great joys and she has a strong desire to pass that love on to others through the free sharing of information and resources. 


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