Spring Plant Exchange


No invasive varieties, non-labeled or unpotted plants. Just message a host if you have any questions, help spread the word!


Bring some things, take some things. For example, if you bring 3 plants, take 3 similar plants. There are no steadfast rules so we ask for everyone's cooperation to make this successful and be able to continue this event each year. If you do not have perennial plants to start cuttings of or divide, then you are welcome to start plants from seeds. We do ask that you do this well ahead of the event so that your plants are healthy and sturdy. Please pot your divisions from the yard 1-2 weeks in advance so they are acclimated. 


On the day of the event, everyone brings their plants, we sort them into categories, then everyone "shops" for new plants. If you bring a little, take a little, if you bring a lot, take a lot.


Pussy willow is ok as cuttings.



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