Annual Seed Exchange

SeedSavers-KC welcomes you to our Annual Winter Seed Exchange!

NON-GMO bulbs and seeds only.


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It's time for the SeedSavers-KC people to reunite for our annual seed exchange. Yippee let the sharing begin! Please bring your things to trade in individual labeled containers (envelopes, bags, jars, pots). Things you can trade are seeds, bulbs, cuttings, oils, tinctures, dried herbs, dried vegetables, ferment starters, fresh eggs, pickles, jams, jellies, garden/environmental, homestead books the options are numerous. Unsure if your product is allowed, please message the Facebook event page. We are asking you to only take approximately the same amount of products that you bring. Bring 5, take 5. Bring 100, take 100. All products are sorted on the tables in categories-no one has their own area. No trading while we are setting up. Everyone sorts/deposits their products when they arrive to designated locations. There will be a table for magazines, business cards and flyers. Anyone wanting to hand out flyers at the door on businesses or events please contact for approval.

NO products or seeds are sold. Only traded or shared with the group. You bring seeds you want to trade by putting them in single planting amounts 5-100 seeds in a labeled baggie or envelope. Plants like tomato, pepper, eggplant can be smaller amounts like 5-10 seeds each. Radish, beans, spinach, lettuce, turnip, kale 20-40 seeds each.Corn need to be 50-200 seeds each.


If you'd like to volunteer, please contact us

1. DONORS - Bring your own envelopes please. We will have ones available for a donation.

2. EXCHANGE QUANTITIES - This event isn't meant to furnish anyone with enough seed stock to grow large amounts to harvest and eat. Please take only a small number of seeds and bulbs which YOU can grow and propagate and SAVE for the next Exchange or to donate to the Seed Library.

3. SEGREGATION - Please do not mix containers of different seeds.

4. EDUCATION - If you aren't familiar with methods to save certain types of seeds, please go to our Exchange resource area for handouts, or go to our website for good sites to visit for free downloads. We hold free seed-saving classes year-round at the Anita B Gorman Discovery Center - watch our Facebook group or see our web pages for dates.

5. SPONSORS - Please visit our sponsors - these are great local businesses. Local Businesses are the backbone of the economy of our country - keep them thriving by supporting them.



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