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Click on any of the following links for great information all about seed saving!


Seed Saving Basics  - This page provides an overview of the seed saving process.


Educational Videos - Many great videos and webinars are available out these. We've found a few of the best & posted them here in 1 easy to find place. You might need to get comfortable & have a bowl of popcorn for all of this!


Infographics & Zone Map - How long are seeds viable? What zone am I in? These questions are answered here.


Seed Saving in the news - What is happening throughout the world with heirloom seeds? Very interesting things. Check it out!


MOA Conference MP3s -



External Websites - Make a free account, numerous downloads and webinars.  A Seed Saving Guide for Gardeners and Farmers is great!  This is a very good free publication-31 pages. - Go to the dropdown Education menu for numerous webinars and downloads.  - There are numerous downloads-some technical. Direct link to create your own seed saving packets!  International Seed Saaving Institute (Saving seeds, education, & permaculture)




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